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Given my children an inner confidence....

I have done lots of different exercise classes over the years, however, the best all round work out has to be Karate.  It was something that when I was younger, I had often thought about trying but never found or made time for.  When my children joined the Club a few years ago, I decided to give it a go and I have never looked back.  I am fitter, stronger and more confident after having practiced Karate regularly for several years.  Shotokan Karate is a fantastic Martial Art teaching discipline alongside sport.  Whilst getting fit, you exercise mind and body by learning Kata, Kihon and Kumite – the skills taught for fast reaction and self-defence.  Our Club is a friendly environment within which to train and has certainly given my children an inner confidence, kept them fit and helped them form new friendships. Sensei Hegarty is a great instructor and has taken me, my husband and my son on a karate journey from White belt up to First Dan Black belt. I really enjoy Karate and I am sure that I will continue to enjoy training for many years to come. 
Why sit on the bench watching the children?  Try it out and I guarantee you’ll be happy you did.

Anne-Marie, Black belt 1st Dan
January 2018

Feels more like a family....

I Joined Solihull Karate Academy 5 years ago, It is a great club to be a part of, everybody is friendly and sometimes I can say it definitely feels more like a family. My two boys joined first then my husband and I decided to join. I had trained in karate when I was younger and had always regretted giving it up, I am now a 1st Dan Black belt and I also help out with teaching the classes, which are both great achievements.
Karate builds confidence both mentally and physically and also to be respectful and disciplined, karate is a great way to keep fit and active as an individual or as a family.
Sensei Greg Hegarty is a fantastic teacher if you train hard and put in 100% effort and more he will definitely bring out the best in you and help you achieve your goals.

Aimee,  Black belt 1st Dan
January 2018