Solihull Karate Academy took a squad of 20 students to the recent Central Regions competition in Chesterfield - Greg Hegarty, Tom Reily, Jake Sidwell, Thomas Hegarty, Liam O'Donnell, Niall O'Sullivan, Daniel Fleming, Oliver Tobin, Luke Mussell, Aran Everill, Sandeep Singh, Komal Kaur, Niall Gilligan, Bethany Wheeler-Tyan, Graham Tobin, Kalwdeep Singh, Christopher Robinson, Aimee Robinson and Anne-Marie Tobin.

Everyone did extremely well with special mention going to Graham Tobin narrowly missing out on a medal coming 5th in the Mens Kyu grade Kata, in the same event Jake Sidwell won one of his 2 bronze medals with his second coming in the Mens Kyu grade Kumite.

A further 3 gold medals were won by Anne-Marie Tobin in the Womens Kyu grade Kata, Niall Gilligan in the 10-11 Boys Kumite and Sensei Hegarty in the Mens Dan grade Kumite.

A final gold medal was won in the Team Kumite event by Jake Sidwell, Tom Reily and Sensei Hegarty.


The Squad


Jake Sidwell winning his first Bronze medal in the Mens Kyu grade Kata
Jake Sidwell's second Bronze medal for the Mens Kyu grade Kumite



Anne-Marie Tobin with her Gold medal for the Womens Kyu grade Kata


Niall Gilligan with his Gold medal for the 10-11 Boys Kumite


Sensei Hegarty with his Gold medal for the Mens Dan grade Kumite


Tom Reilly, Sensei Hegarty and Jake Sidwell with their Gold medals for the Team Kumite