We were pleased to have Sensei Garry Harford 7th Dan to grade our students on 7th September 2013.

Sensei Harford taking the class before the grading starts.


Sensei Harford helping Aran with his Kata.


Sensei Harford putting Sensei Hegarty through his paces.


Its just all too much for Sunny!


34 students took part in the grading and we are pleased to say that eveyone passed.

A special mention must go to Graham Tobin who after impressing Sensi Harford was DOUBLE graded.
Well done Graham!

At every grading we award a shield for the 'Most Outstanding Student'.  This prestigious award is kept for 3 months until the next grading and the winner has their name engraved on the shield as a lasting record of their achievement.

On this occasion the shield was awarded to Georgie Ryatt.


Georgie not only performed well on the day of the grading but always puts 100% into every class she attends! 
Well done Georgie, keep up the fantastic work!